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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Spirulina Article By News.com.au

Who'd have thought that a tiny green aquatic plant could be hailed as the latest energy-giving superfood? Spirulina is often added to smoothies at juice bars and fans of the algae say that it helps beat stress and fatigue. It's cultivated around the world as a food source and was a staple of Aztec cuisine in the 14th century. In fact, spirulina is so packed full of goodness experts think its beta-carotene is 10 times more concentrated than that found in carrots. It's also easy to digest, so nutrients are absorbed quickly.

"Spirulina is very nutritious and is rich in minerals and some vitamins, so it's good for topping up a diet with any minerals you might be deficient in," says Saxelby. "But there is the issue of how much is added to your drink at a fresh juice chain. The dose is often too small to have a clinical effect. If you want a real boost, speak to a herbalist and get a proper supplement for your body weight."

Source: news.com.au