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Thursday, July 07, 2005

FREE OnLine "Spirulina - Earth Food" Book by R.Henrikson

For over 20 years as President of Earthrise Company and Director of Earthrise Farms, Robert Henrikson pioneered spirulina algae as a world food. Henrikson joined Larry Switzer in 1977 to build the first U.S. spirulina farm. Robert became President in 1981. With foresight of future food and health trends, he established spirulina as a supplement and pioneered a new global industry. If you want to know more about spirulina and its benefits you can read the whole "Spirulina - Earth Food" book on line.

Earthrise Company markets health products and nutraceuticals under several popular trademarks in the USA and 30 countries. Earthrise Farms, located in the sunny California desert, is the world's largest spirulina farm, with a production capacity of over 500 tons a year. Spirulina yields more nutrition per acre than any other food, and requires less land, water and energy than conventional crops. A spirulina farm can produce food without pesticides or herbicides, and represents an ecological food production model our planet needs.

A prolific writer and spokesperson, he has authored numerous articles and newsletters and produced educational videotapes. He has appeared on radio and television interview and news shows and has presented seminars around the world on health trends, nutrition and sustainable agriculture. Henrikson has developed several websites about spirulina, its health benefits with an extensive scientific library online.

In 1989, he founded Ronore Enterprises Inc, to publish Earth Food Spirulina: How this remarkable blue-green algae can transform your health and our planet. The 4th edition was published in 1997. The 5th edition was published online in 1999. Earth Food Spirulina is considered the most complete and authoritative work on spirulina and has been translated and published in Spain (’94), China (’95), Slovenia (’96), Macedonia (’97), Italy (‘98), Taiwan ('99) and France ('02).


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